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cognitix Threat Defender (or Threat Defender for short) is a network detection and response system that protects your network from internal and external threats. It analyzes the network traffic in real time and enhances this network-specific data with up-to-date threat intelligence from numerous external sources. Based on the detected behavior of network assets and users, Threat Defender enforces the policy dynamically with a self-modifying rule set. This allows for very fast reactions to threats. Threat Defender operates transparently inside the network perimeter and can be installed anywhere in the network.

This manual describes cognitix Threat Defender version 20211027.0.0. For an overview of the most significant changes in this version, see What’s new in this version?

This manual contains the following chapters:

  • The Introduction provides information on how to use this manual and highlights the changes in the current release.

  • The Basic Concepts section provides an overview of the technical concepts used by Threat Defender.

  • The Installation and Setup section explains how to install and set up Threat Defender.

  • The Usage section illustrates the basic usage of Threat Defender as well as complex use cases.

  • The Interface Reference section describes the individual screens of the user interface and their elements.

  • The Appendix contains supplementary documentation.

If you want to read this manual offline, you can open it as PDF.

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cognitix Threat Defender version 20211027.0.0

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