Handling the User Interface

This chapter contains general information on using the user interface screens.

Changes to the configuration of Threat Defender will only take effect when you click the APPLY CHANGES button at the top of the menu bar.

1. Icons

The cognitix Threat Defender user interface uses the following icons throughout the content area:

Icon Description
Expand/collapse the menu bar.
The element is enabled.
The element is disabled.
View details of the corresponding element.
Edit the corresponding element.
Delete the corresponding element.
Download the corresponding element.
Include the element in the filtered results.
This icon can have two meanings:
  • Exclude the element from the filtered results.
  • Remove the filter.
Investigate outbound traffic under Analytics.
Investigate inbound traffic under Analytics.
Show more information.
Show less information.
View the threat intelligence event belonging to the selected attribute.

2. Table Handling

Many screens of the cognitix Threat Defender user interface contain tables.

You can filter tables using the filter field above the table. Type a search string in the input field and click SEARCH. Threat Defender then only displays the matching table entries. Filters are case-insensitive. To remove the filter and display all table entries, click next to the input field.

Furthermore, you can sort most tables by one of the table columns in ascending or descending order. To do so, click the header in the respective table column. An or icon indicates the sort order. Click the header again to reverse the sort order.

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