Creating a Network Inventory

If you have devices with more than one interface and therefore more than one MAC address, Threat Defender creates individual assets for each MAC address. You will have to check your assets database and consolidate them manually. This requires some initial effort but once the database it is set up, you can gain valuable insights into your network.

Proceed as follows to consolidate multiple MAC addresses that belong to one asset:

  1. Navigate to Inventory > Assets.
    The screen displays an overview of all assets Threat Defender created.
  2. Select the device with several MAC addresses from the list. Use the filter field to find it more quickly.
  3. Click the button to change its settings.
    The settings screen opens.
  4. Optional: Assign a descriptive Name to the asset.
  5. Click into the MAC Addresses field and select the MAC addresses belonging to this device. You can type in the input field to narrow down the list to the MAC addresses that contain the characters you are typing.
  6. Click SAVE when you are finished.
    Threat Defender now assigns the MAC addresses to the selected asset. The assets that were automatically created for these MAC addresses are deleted from the database. You can see on the asset overview that the number of assets on the panel of current assets decreases accordingly.

Click the button in the last table column to analyze the source traffic of the new asset under Analytics > Network and to see its behavior in the network.

Once you have finished creating the network inventory, we recommend creating a backup of the asset database.

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