Analyzing Protocols and Destination Countries

Starting from the Network dashboard, you can analyze what protocols communicate with a specific destination country.

  1. Navigate to Analytics > Network.
    Here, you see the total traffic distribution by destination countries among other things.

    Total traffic distribution by destination countries
    Fig. 1: Total traffic distribution by destination countries.

    You can change the chart type by clicking the icon in the upper right corner and selecting a type from the drop-down list.

  2. In the chart, click the country you want to analyze further.
    The link takes you to a detailed view of the traffic directed to this destination country.

  3. The Protocols:Applications chart displays the protocols and applications that communicate with the selected country.

    Traffic distribution by applications/protocols
    Fig. 2: Traffic distribution by protocols/applications.
  4. Click one of the protocols in the chart to analyze it further.
    This takes you to an overview page for this protocol. It displays the source and destination IP addresses and assets that use this protocol, other source and destination countries this protocol talks to, the users who use this protocol and more.

    From here, you can continue to analyze the traffic by clicking the respective sections in the charts. For example, you can investigate individual devices under source assets.

Additional References:

For further information on the analytics dashboards, see Analytics.

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