System Actions

Navigate to Settings > System Actions to reboot or turn off the system or to reset the databases and logs.

Click the respective actions to carry out the desired action. The system prompts you to confirm the action. The following buttons are available:

Field Description
REBOOT FIREWALL Restarts Threat Defender using the currently installed firmware version and reloading the current configuration.
SHUTDOWN FIREWALL Powers Threat Defender off completely. It can only be turned back on at the hardware.
RESET REPORTING DATA Deletes all data in the reporting database. After clearing the reporting data, all reports and charts in the Analytics menu will be empty.
PURGE TI INCIDENT LOGS OLDER THAN 32 DAYS Deletes all threat intelligence log entries that are older than 32 days.
RESET ASSETS Deletes all tracked assets and their metadata from the database. The asset logs will be retained.
RESET AUDIT LOG Deletes all asset and user API logs. The databases of tracked assets and users will be retained.
RESET USERS Deletes all tracked users and their metadata from the database. The user API logs will be retained.

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