Navigate to Settings > License to display the licenses available in the system and to add a new license file (see also Adding the License).

Only one license may be enabled at a time. When you add a new license, it is enabled by default and any previously active license is automatically disabled.

The table displays the available licenses with their name, contract ID, version, validity period, and the total throughput as well as the maximum number of tracked assets included in the license. The slider switch in the first column allows you to enable () or disable () the respective license. The button in the last column allows you to delete the license.

If no license is active, the throughput of Threat Defender is limited to 1 Mbit/s (transmitted and received traffic in total) and no assets are tracked.
Also, the system is not able to connect to the license and update server.

To install a new license file, click the ADD button above the overview table.

After clicking the ADD button, the license upload screen is displayed.
Paste the content of your license file into the License token field.

The buttons at the bottom of the screen allow you to store your new license (SAVE) or to abort the upload (CANCEL).

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