Navigate to Settings > Configurations to manage backup files of your system configuration.

The buttons at the top of the screen allow you to create and restore configuration files.

For each available configuration file, the table displays the date and time it was created, its automatically generated file name, a note, and the user who generated the file. The buttons in last column of the table allow you to view details of the file and install it, edit its note, download or delete the respective configuration file.

Whenever a new configuration is applied, Threat Defender automatically generates a new configuration file. It is flagged accordingly in the overview table.
Note that Threat Defender stores only one automatically generated configuration file. This means older files are overwritten when a new file is auto-generated.

1. Creating Configuration Files

By clicking the ADD button, you can create a new backup file of the current system configuration.

The backup file only contains the activated configuration. Pending changes are not backed up.

You can add an optional note to describe the backed up configuration.

The buttons at the bottom of the screen allow you to store the configuration (SAVE) or to discard it (CANCEL).

2. Restoring Configuration Files

You can restore the configuration files listed in the overview table.

To upload a configuration file that was saved to disk to Threat Defender, click the UPLOAD button above the overview table. In the upload screen, click SELECT to access the file system where you can choose the desired configuration file (.pc format). To upload the file, click the UPLOAD button at the bottom of the screen. The new configuration file is then displayed in the overview table.

To restore a configuration file, click the icon in the table to access the details view of the respective file. Here, you can view information on the configuration file. The buttons below the table allow you to select which part of the configuration you want to restore: the entire configuration, only the network configuration, only the policy configuration, or the asset configuration. Click INSTALL to restore the selected configuration.

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