Asset IP Adresses

Navigate to Inventory > Asset IP Addresses to display the user-defined asset IP addresses.

The table displays the following information:

Field Description
Created At The date and time the IP address was created in Threat Defender.
Updated At The date and time the IP address was last updated in Threat Defender.
IP Address The IP address tracked by Threat Defender.
Name The name of the IP address.

The icons in the last table column allow you to directly access the reporting section under Analytics for the outbound () and inbound () traffic of the asset IP address. You can also edit the name of the asset IP address or delete it from the database.

To add a new asset IP address, click the ADD button above the overview table.

Asset IP Address Settings

When you edit an asset IP address or add a new one, the settings screen is displayed with the following options:

Field Description
Associated Asset Only available when editing existing IP addresses: If the IP address is associated to an asset, the name of that asset with a link to its details page is shown.
IP Address Enter the IP address you want to create. Once an IP address is stored in Threat Defender, it can no longer be edited.
Name Optional: Assign a descriptive name to the IP address. The name will be used in the IP address selection fields.

The buttons at the bottom of the screen allow you to store your changes (SAVE) or to discard them (CANCEL).

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