Configuring VLAN Trunking

In order to connect multiple VLANs to networks, you need to set up VLAN trunking. The following example illustrates the setup for cognitix Threat Defender assuming that:

  • port enp3s0 is connected to VLAN10 untagged,
  • port enp4s0 is connected to VLAN20 untagged,
  • port enp5s0 is the trunk port for VLAN10 and VLAN20.

Under Network > Manage Processing Interfaces, configure the following setup:

Bridge Port ID VLAN Range
VLAN10 enp3s0
VLAN10 enp5s0 10
VLAN20 enp4s0
VLAN20 enp5s0 20

Disable the default interface configuration, i.e. set the slider switch to . Otherwise, your configuration will not take effect.

Click the APPLY CHANGES button in the header to activate your configuration changes.

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