Access Rights by User roles

Under Settings > System Users, you can assign roles to system users with the following access rights:

Section Access Rights Reporting Viewer Auditor Network Admin Security Admin Full Admin Read-only Admin
Analytics: Network View 1st level (overview pages)
View 2nd level
View 3rd level (details)
Analytics: Assets View 1st level (overview pages)
View 2nd level
View 3rd level (details)
Analytics: Policy View 1st level (overview pages)
View 2nd level
View 3rd level (details)
Policy: Rules View all rules
Reorder rules
Add, edit, delete global rules
Policy: Advanced Correlation View scenarios
View scenario details
Reorder scenarios
Add, edit, delete scenarios
Policy: Dynamic Network Objects View DNOs
Add, edit, delete DNOs
Policy: Static Network Objects View SNOs
Add, edit, delete SNOs
Policy: VLANs View VLANs
Add, edit, delete VLANs
Policy: Schedules View schedules
Add, edit, delete schedules
Policy: Event Tracking Tables View ETTs
Inventory: Assets View assets
Inventory: Assets View asset details
Add, edit, delete assets
Inventory: MAC Addresses View asset MAC addresses
Add, edit, delete asset MAC addresses
Inventory: IP Addresses View asset IP addresses
Add, edit, delete asset IP addresses
Inventory: Asset Logs View asset logs
View asset log details
Inventory: Asset Settings Edit asset setting
Inventory: Users View users
View user details
Add, edit, delete users
Inventory: User API Logs View user API logs
View user API log details
Inventory: User API Settings Edit user API settings
Inventory: Backup/Restore View backups
Generate backups
Restore backups
Threats: Overview View 1st level (overview pages)
View 2nd level
View 3rd level (details)
Threats: Incident Logs View incident logs
Create/download reports
View incident details
Create/download incident details reports
Threats: Intelligence Database View intelligence database
View intelligence database details
Network: Overview View interfaces
Network: Manage Processing Interfaces View
Add, edit, delete
Logging: Audit Logs View audit logs
View audit logs details
Logging: Audit Log Channels View audit log channels
Add, edit, delete audit log channels
Logging: Reporting Channels View reporting channels
Add, edit, delete reporting channels
Logging: Local Logs View local logs
Settings View settings
Edit settings
Execute system actions
Diagnostics View/use diagnostics

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