Update Schedules

Navigate to Settings > Update Schedules to set up time schedules for update installation.

If update schedules are configured, Threat Defender automatically installs available updates at the specified time. This allows you to schedule the update installation at a time when it does not disrupt network operation.


When firmware updates are installed, Threat Defender is automatically rebooted.

Automatic daily installation of updates makes sure that your system remains up-to-date. You can set up individual schedules for individual types of updates.


Updates can only be installed if there are no pending configuration changes. Otherwise, Threat Defender aborts the installation and tries to install the update again at the next scheduled time. Threat Defender also creates a syslog message on the failed installation attempt.

To set up a new update schedule, click the Add button above the overview table.

The table displays all update schedules configured in the system. The slider switch in the first column allows you to enable (on) or disable (off) the update schedule. The icons in the last column allow you to edit or delete the respective update schedule.

Update Schedule Settings

If you add or edit an update schedule, the settings screen is displayed with the following elements:




The slider switch indicates whether the update schedule is enabled or disabled.


Enter the time when the update is to be installed in HH:MM format.


Optional: Add a short description of the update schedule.


From the drop-down list, select the update type you want to install at the specified time. You can only select one update type per schedule.

The buttons at the bottom of the screen allow you to store your changes (SAVE) or to discard them (CANCEL).