System Users

Navigate to Settings > System Users to edit existing users and to set up new users for Threat Defender.


Do not confuse system users with users of the network assets (see Users).

The table displays the existing system users with their username, role, password validity information, and a note. The icons in the last column allow you to edit or delete the respective user.


You cannot delete the user you used to sign in, as at least one user has to be configured in the system.

To set up a new user, click the Add button above the overview table.

User Settings

If you add or edit a system user, the settings screen is displayed with the following elements:




Enter a unique username for the user that also serves as login name (case-sensitive). The username may consist of alphanumeric characters and special characters. It may not contain blank spaces.


Optional: Add a short description of the user.


Optional: Enter an email address for the user.


Enter a password for the user to log in to Threat Defender. Passwords may consist of up to 72 alpha-numeric and special characters. Click Show Password if you want to display the password in plaintext.

Idle timeout

Specify a timeout in minutes after which an idle user is automatically logged out. Enter 0 to disable the idle timeout. Any changes to this settings are applied at the next user login.


Assign a role to the user (see Access Rights by User Roles in the appendix for information on the individual roles and rights).

The buttons at the bottom of the screen allow you to store your changes (SAVE) or to discard them (CANCEL).