Navigate to Settings > Updates to install system and module updates.

If it is connected to the Internet, Threat Defender automatically checks for available updates once per hour. Otherwise, you need to manually check for new updates.

The Add button allows you to manually upload a firmware file (see Manual Firmware Upload). This is useful if your Threat Defender is not connected to the Internet, for example.

The Installed Software table displays the software modules currently installed on Threat Defender.

The CHECK FOR UPDATES button allows you to manually check for available updates. This is useful if Threat Defender has only a temporary Internet connection. Next to this button, you can see when the last check for updates was performed and the status of the update check.

The update table displays any available updates with their type and product description. It also displays the currently installed software version and the update version, an update description, the size of the update and when it was downloaded.


Hover the mouse over the entries in the Current Version and Update Version columns to display release and build information in a tooltip.

The following update types are provided:

  • cognitix Threat Defender firmware

  • cognitix IOC feeds

  • cognitix IPS signatures

  • cognitix OUI MAC vendor database

Click the INSTALL NOW button in the last column to install the respective update immediately. Firmware updates require a reboot of the system to complete the installation. This is indicated by the INSTALL AND REBOOT NOW button in the last column of the table.


You need to apply all pending changes before you can install an update.


Before installing a system update, you may want to create a new backup of your configuration and download it so that you can restore this configuration later if necessary. For further information, see Configurations.

Failed updates are also displayed in the table. Under Description, you see the reason why the update could not be downloaded or installed.

Manual Firmware Upload

After clicking Add, the upload screen is displayed. Click SELECT to access the file system and select the file you want to upload.


Update files always have the .pfw format.

To install the update file, click the UPLOAD FIRMWARE FILE button at the bottom of the screen. Click CANCEL if you do not want to upload the file.