Navigate to Settings > Configurations to manage backup files of your system configuration.

The buttons at the top of the screen allow you to create and upload configuration files.


Configuration files only contain the activated configuration. Pending changes are not backed up.

For each available configuration file, the table displays the date and time it was created, its automatically generated file name, a note, and the user who generated the file. The buttons in last column of the table allow you to view details of the file and install it, edit its note, download, or delete the respective configuration file.


Whenever a new configuration is applied, Threat Defender automatically generates a new configuration file. It is flagged accordingly in the overview table. Note that Threat Defender stores only one automatically generated configuration file. This means older files are overwritten when a new file is auto-generated.

Configuration Details

To see the details of a configuration file, click view_icon in the overview table or double-click its row.

The buttons at the top of the page allow you to edit the descriptive note of the file, and to delete or download the file.

The table shows general information about the configuration file:




The automatically generated file name.


A short description, if available.


The user who created the backup.

Created At

The date the configuration file was created.

Updated At

The date the configuration file was last updated.

The buttons below the table allow you to select which part of the configuration you want to restore:



All configuration

Restores the entire configuration.

Network only configuration

Restores only the network configuration.

Policy only configuration

Restores only the policy configuration.

Asset only configuration

Restores only the asset configuration.

Click INSTALL to restore the selected configuration.