Navigate to Network > Overview to see the configured bridges and available processing interfaces.

The Interfaces Analytics link at the top of the screen takes you directly to the relevant charts under Analytics and the MAC Table Reporting link takes you to the MAC table live view under Diagnostics.

The Bridges table shows the configured bridges with the following information:




The name of the bridge.

Links Up / Links Down

The number of interfaces in the bridge that are up and/or down to indicate the status of the bridge.

Active MAC Addresses

The number of MAC addresses that communicate via the bridge.


A short description of the bridge configuration.

The Interfaces table displays the interfaces available in the system:




The name of the interface.

Link Detected

The connection status of the interface, i.e. indicator_yes_icon (up) or indicator_no_icon (down).

Current Link Speed

The link speed of the interface.

Received Bytes / Sent Bytes

The number of bytes that were received and sent via the interface.

Received Packets / Sent Packets

The number of packets that were received and sent via the interface.


The number of errors generated. Hover the mouse over the number in the Errors column to display the error distribution in a tooltip.