Asset Setting

Navigate to Inventory > Asset Setting to disable or enable automatic asset tracking as well as to define exceptions that will not be tracked.

The automatic discovery of assets is enabled by default. Unless it is disabled, Threat Defender automatically creates a new asset database entry whenever a new device connects to the network. If automatic asset discovery is disabled, Threat Defender does not create new entries for new devices. In this case, they have to be added manually to be tracked.




The slider switch indicates whether automatic tracking of assets is enabled or disabled.

Add this tag to auto discovered assets

Optional: Enter a tag you want to automatically assign to newly discovered assets.

Auto discovery limitation

Specify a maximum value of how many assets Threat Defender discovers automatically. Irrespective of this value, license limitiations remain in effect.

MAC addresses excluded from auto discovery

Optional: Define exceptions by adding MAC addresses you do not want to track automatically. You can enter multiple MAC addresses separated by commas. To exclude complete MAC prefixes, leave out pairs of characters while preserving the separating colons starting at the end of the MAC address. For example: 08:00:27::: for VirtualBox.


Optional: Add a short description of the asset settings.

The buttons at the bottom of the screen allow you to store your changes (SAVE) or to discard them (CANCEL).