Defining Update Schedules

Using update schedules, you can plan updates in a way that they do not interfere with normal operation. If update schedules are enabled, Threat Defender automatically checks for the respective updates at the preset times. If an update is available, it is automatically installed.


Updates can only be installed if there are no pending configuration changes. Otherwise, Threat Defender aborts the installation and tries to install the update again at the next scheduled time. Threat Defender also creates a syslog message on the failed installation attempt.

Proceed as follows to set up an update schedule for Threat Defender:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Update Schedules.

  2. Click Add to set up a new update schedule.

  3. Enter the Time when the update is to be installed in the 24-hour format.

  4. Optional: Enter a Note to describe the update schedule.

  5. Select the Type of update you want schedule. You can only select one update type per schedule.


    If you schedule a firmware update, Threat Defender will automatically reboot to complete the update installation. This will take a few minutes and you should time the following update accordingly.

  6. Click SAVE to store the new update schedule. The new schedule is added to the list of update schedules. New schedules are enabled by default.

Updates list

List of update schedules.