Updating cognitix Threat Defender

To make sure that cognitix Threat Defender runs the latest firmware, check for available updates and install them after deploying Threat Defender for the first time.

If Threat Defender is connected to the Internet, it automatically checks for available updates once per hour. You can also launch the update check manually:

  1. Updates can only be installed if there are no pending configuration changes. Click the APPLY CHANGES button to save any pending changes.

  2. Navigate to Settings > Updates.

  3. Click CHECK FOR UPDATES. Threat Defender checks our servers for available updates and displays them in the updates table.

    Updates table

    Updates table.

  1. Select the latest firmware update. Click INSTALL AND REBOOT NOW in the last table column. Threat Defender installs the update and reboots automatically.


IPS and IoC updates are sometimes included in a firmware update. For this reason, it is recommended to install firmware updates first. Any smaller updates they contain will disappear from the updates table when the firmware update is complete.

When Threat Defender has completed the reboot, check the updates table again to see if there are any more updates to be installed.